Hi! You see the girl on the picture above? Yes, that’s me! My parents gave me the name Roxana v/d Boogaard on December 8th 1995. Now you think “Boogaard that’s not very American or English.” Well I’m Dutch,born and raised in The Netherlands.

I started this blog because according to the Dutch school system I can’t go to university and so now I work at Claire’s Eindhoven, and that’s one hell of a job, but I’d would still like to do something with writing and the English language. That’s why this blog will be written in English. But no worries, the translationboxis right there at the sidebar —-> If you like to follow me on instagram and twitter just click on the icons below 😉


About this blog

So like I said before I’d like to do something with writing and the English languageand that’s why I created this blog. About a year ago I wrote my own book at Wattpad (Link below), Little runner a Stiles Stilinski story, username is TrueBanshee_.

Yes! I love tv shows, better said I’m addicted.. oops! Not just Teen wolf though, also The vampire diaries and the shows spin-off serie The originals, Supernatural, the Flash and many more…And that’s exactly what I will write about. Not just my life but also the showsand movies I watch and the books I read. I’ll give my honest opinion about certainepisodes, movies/shows and books and hopefully I’ll get people to check them out.




I hope you enjoy this blog and let me know your opinions 😉

XX Roxana