OG3NE The Netherlands #esc2017

The finals of the Eurovision Song Contest is only 3 hours away and I can’t be more excited. Because after the Common linnets we didn’t had a real shot in winning this competition, or at least that’s how I feel about it. OG3NE sing the song Lights and Shadows a powerful song of three powerful girls.

I first saw the twins Shelley and Amy and their older sister Lisa at the Junior Eurovision song contest with their song ‘adem in, adem uit’. They were only 12 and 13 back then and already had these amazing voices. Later they entered the Voice of Holland and won again! And now 10 years after the Junior Eurovision song contest they’re ready to represent The Netherlands once again.

The song Lights and shadows is about their seriously ill mother, who got cancer and sadly can’t be cured. They sing that everyone knows she is an angel and why her? She did commit no crime or ever hurt anyone. And I think it’s a very good message, for them so they can tell what they are feeling but also because a lot of people can relate to that. It’s a great message and not to forget, they are one of the few entries this year that can actually sing live, just saying.

The other contries tonight are (in order of their performances tonight) And sorry about this list, can’t get them better in a strait line when reading on mobile Phone:( )

  1. Israel                                         13. Croatia                              25. Bulgaria
  2. Poland                                       14. Australia                          26. France
  3. Belarus                                       15. Greece
  4. Austria                                        16. Spain
  5. Armenia                                     17. Norway
  6. The Netherlands                      18. United Kingdom
  7. Moldavia                                    19. Cyrprus
  8. Hungary                                     20. Romania
  9. Italy                                             21. Germany
  10. Denmark                                    22. Ukraine
  11. Portugal                                      23. Belgium
  12. Azerbaijan                                 24. Sweden


So on behalf of my country please Vote for the Netherlands, if you don’t than please vote for a country that actually has a good song, performance and vocals. Because you have to be honest most countries are terrible live and last years winner was even worse…

Well, I can only say have fun tonight for those who are watching and may the best entrance win !!


Lots of love,



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