pll 7×14 power play review

Another episode of our favorite mystery TVshow with even more drama than before, how is that even possible? We are getting closer to finding out who Uber A aka A.D is and why he/she is hating our liars so much. The list so far: one of the liars, Mary Drake, one of the parents, Jenna and Sydney. To be honest I don’t believe it’s any of them, it will be to obvious. But I’ve seen a theory about Aria that I really liked, I’ll put the video down below.


So in this episode Nicole learnt about the relationship between Ezra and Aria and about their engagement , which is a plus. Maybe Ezra can finally participate in the wedding now he doesn’t need to pretend his love for Nicole anymore. Also Aria decided to ditch Allison when it’s the blonds turn in playing the game. Aria got a call from A.D on skype and the brunette told A very clearly she wants out. A.D liked her spirit apparently as A.D texted Aria a map so they could meet. They did and the person under the black hoody…. Sydney. Not very surprising and what was even less surprising is that Sydney is just another puppet.

So Aria now has to decide whether wants to be on the A-team aka the winning team according to Sydney or if she wants to be on her friends team. Guess we’ll see her decision next episode.

Back to Allison, it’s her time to play now and gosh what a sad reveal. Allison had to go to a baby store and pick out 10 items, when she was finished the cashier gave her a necklace with the name Emily on it, the cashier telling her it’s for the egg donor. And we only know 1 person who once did that and Allison knows too. The baby is not hers but… Emily’s. When Allison was in the clinic, she had a surgery but forgot about it as soon as she woke up. I think it’s great that the writers are showing us more about what Allison went through when she was in the clinic and not just tight down to her bed and that they brought back the idea of Emily wanted to donate her eggs after she learnt she couldn’t have children of her own at least not the easy way.

Spencer is still looking for her birth-mom Mary without any luck, until they go to Ted’s house. You know the guy that Hannah’s mom once dated. Ted was denying at first but later that day he confessed to Hannah that Mary was actually in his house. What is their connection?

As for the next player, Hannah. She failed her first dare so she is punished even more and has to do a second. Or is it not punishment? As the Liars pointed out it’s supposed to be Aria’s turn, will Aria be on the A-team?

So I still have no clue who Uber A is but her is a video of a great theory about Aria being A.


What do you think of this theory? and what is your own? let me know in the comments below.


Lots of Love,



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