My Victoria Secret collection 2.0

A few weeks ago I did a My Victoria secret collection – body mist review : link. Well, I also have a few perfumes I wanted to review. Victoria Secret has a wide collection in lingerie, nightwear and perfumes. I have 6 mini perfumes in a collection box that I bought at the VS store in Curacao. And OMG they smell heavenly 😉


1. Scandalous


Scandalous was introduced in the fall of 2014 the face is angel Jasmine Tookes. Like we know of VS the scent is very floral, sweet and fruity. It’s the perfect scent when going to a dinner or party.

2. Heavenly


Heavenly was introduces in 1999 and is a more grown up perfume I think. It’s heavier than Scandalous and less sweet. It’s more herbal than most of the VS perfumes but still has a little bit of a floral scent. Like I said this one is quite heavy so this is a great perfume for young adults.

3. Bombshell


Bombshell was introduced in September 2010 and is again very sweet but with a hint of citrus which makes is fresh at the same time. This is the perfect perfume for those who like sweet but don’t want to exaggerate. I like to wear this perfume when I go to work.

4. Tease


Tease was introduced in July 2010 and like the name it’s a very flirtatious scent. It’s sweet, floral and fruity but not overwhelming. Perfect perfume when going on a date or for a girls night out.

5. Forever Sexy


Forever Sexy was introduces in 2015 and is a oriental/ flowery perfume. With a hint of coconut, orange and wood it’s a perfect perfume for a girl night out when you don’t want to go to sweet 😉

6. Very sexy


Very sexy was first introduced in 2002 and is very heavy. It contains vanilla orchid, cappuccino, pepper, blackberry and black amber. This is the very opposite of Scandalous but nonetheless very good. Adults might like this perfume the most of this list.

These are all the VS perfumes I have and I honestly can’t decide which one is my favorite. what would be yours? and which one do you recommend for me and others to buy?

Lots of Love,



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