Top 5 war movies, to celebrate our freedom

Today may 5th, 72 year ago The Netherlands were free from Nazi-Germany. To celebrate our freedom and to remember the victims of this idiotic war, I made a top 5 of my favorite war movies.

1. The boy in the striped pajamas


It’s my favorite war movie ever, but it’s also a movie I will never watch again in my life. It’s so sad and heartbreaking and definitely worth watching. The movie is about Bruno and his family living in Nazi-Germany during WWII. His father is a Nazi, and so Bruno and his sister are learned to think and love Hitler. Bruno is forbidden to play in the back garden because he told his parents he saw people walking on what he thinks is a farm.

One day he disobeys his father and goes to the farm where he meets a boy Shmuel, who’s wearing striped pajama’s. Bruno thinks it’s a game they’re playing doesn’t think much of it. Later Shmuel has lost his father and asks Bruno if he want to help looking for him. He agrees and goes beyond the fence and takes a pajama Shmuel has brought with him so he would blend in. on their search they are forced tot take a “shower” with a group. That’s when his father finds out that he just killed his own son in the gas chamber.

2. unbroken

Unbroken is a movie about Louie Zamperini, and American soldier during WWII who eventually became a well-known Olympic runner. Louie is flying as a bombardier for the US Army, but crashed leaving them to survive. After surviving 47 days he and 1 other man, Japanese sailors capture the 2 man and they become prisoners of war. They are brought to a working camp in Japan with bad conditions. He survives the camp and at the end of the war all prisoners return to their home. At the end you see Loui forgiving some of his captors and being a Olympic runner.

The movie is very touching letting you see the war wasn’t just happening in Europe and America, but also in Asia they were fighting for power.

3. Band of brothers

Band of brothers is more of a documentary, tv-series where the surviving soldiers are telling their story from the beginning when the war just started to the end where many lives have been lost and free is returned. It’s a very beautiful series where you get to hear their side of the story and see amazing actors play out their stories. A lot of details are shown, no things were left out to make it seems better. It shows exactly the way it was in the 40’s.

4. War in wintertime (Oorlogswinter)

War in wintertime, or its original name oorlogswinter tells the story of Michiel a teenager in 1945 living in a village in The Netherlands. In most movies you see adults fighting the battles for their contries, now you get to see how it was for a child during this time and see the struggles he faces. It’s a basic plotline but nonetheless and movie worth watching.

5. haar naam was Sarah (Sarah’s key)

In 1942 Jewish girl Sarah Starzynski locks her younger brother up in a closet telling him he should stay their till she returnes. She takes the key with her as the French police are taking her and her parents to work in camps. The adults are brought to Ausschwitz while the kids have to work in a French camps, so does Sarah. She escapes and gets back to Paris with help of the Dufaure family and runs back to her old house to get her brother who is still locked up. When she gets their the corpse of her brother is laying in that closet. He couldn’t leave the closet and no one knew about him so because he dehydrated and with the lack of food he died leaving Sarah devastated.

She continues to live with the Defaure’s till at one point she decided to leave, not telling anyone where she was going. In the present, an American/ French journalist is trying to figure out what happened to Sarah and discovers that Sarah had committed suicide because she got depressed after everything that had happened to her.


‘May all victims Rest in Peace ❤


Lots of love,



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