Pll 7×13 Hold your Piece review

This episode of Pretty little liars is the 3rd of the final 10 episode and as promised someone died! After the violent death of Noel Kahn, this one is very gentle and very heartbreaking. And on this episode it’s Hannah’s turn for a dare and this one is the most cruel one so far.


Emily and Aria are on a mission: Why is Sydney back in Rosewood and what is her connection to A.D. Emily confronts Sydney who’s telling her a lie. They follow her and this time dark Aria is taking the lead in confronting Jenna’s old friend. And let’s say, Aria knows how to use words.

Hannah is the center of attention this episode as A.D chose her to play a dare. After the fashion event where the senators daughter is wearing one of Hannah’s dresses, a fashion blogger got an anonymous tip that it’s a stolen design. There is a loud knock on the door and Caleb opens revealing a Hannah mannequin. The said girl now has to tell Caleb about the game. Hannah has to humiliate herself by potential investors, humiliating Lucas in the process. If she doesn’t, there will be no puzzle piece.

Caleb tries to help Hannah by removing a piece of the game to maybe find a way to hack it. Unfortunately that doesn’t go well, a toxic gas is sprayed in his face leaving him trouble breathing.

But no worries, Caleb is not the person dying this episode. Yvonne who can now talk a little gets married with Toby while she still lays in a hospital bed. They start to talk about their future and where they want to go for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, those idea’s will never happen as Yvonne succumbs to her injuries.

A widowed Toby falls in Spencer’s arms crying his eyes out, it was really so heartbreaking. But Spencer has been kissing Detective Furey, OMG.

There were two cliffhangers, sort of. The first one is the finger send to Furey by A.D .  And Aria got a surprise visit, while trying to reach out to Ezra, Nicole is standing right in their living room. Why is she in Rosewood instead of being with Ezra like she wanted ?

Does any of you already have an idea of who A.D might be?


Lots of love,



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