Movie of the week: deepwater horizon

This week’s movie is the 2016 film Deepwater Horizon. The movie is directed by Peter Berg and stars Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russel and Dylan O’brien. It’s a movie that tells the story of Mike Williams who was on the Deepwater horizon project back in 2010 that has exploded and caused the biggest oil spill ever in the Gulf of Mexico.


On April 20th , 2010 Mike Williams is Chief Electronics Technician working for Transocean on the Deepwater horizon project. He is surprised when he learns that workers can go home without doing a pressure test after pumping the cement to keep the well stable. Because of this mistake, the cement job fails completely and triggers a massive blowout killing a few workers. This caused a chain reaction and more equipment starts to fail killing more people and oil spewing in the ocean. They have to evacuate as fast as possible before the whole ship blows up and more people are killed because of an impatient supervisor didn’t want to do a pressure test.

This is a great movie, It tells the story of the 2010 oil disaster perfectly. My eyes never left the screen because I was so into the story. I really felt sorry for those people who lost their lives that day just 1 supervisor didn’t want to do his job. It’s really awful. The actors are great and I think that the surviving crew are very proud of this movie especially since no one got convicted for this crime. Let me know how you feel about this! love to know your thoughts.


Lots of love Roxana




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