PLL: 7×12 these boots are made for stalking review

Dress stealing, puzzle pieces and Allison 2.0. It all happened in the second episode. Ofcourse there is also the perfect dose of drama and lies – plus we’re are one step closer in finding out who A.D is, 8 weeks to go.

A new character has been introduced and I can tell you, she is even worse than Allison. Addison is a 10th grader who is trying to make Emily’s life a living hell. She’s trying to frame her for inappropriate behavior and has a connection with Jenna Marshall. Does that mean she also has a connection to A.D?

Ezra had to go back to Nicole leaving Aria to plan their wedding is it’s still happening. Aria saw pictures of Ezra and Nicole hugging and it seems like Nicole is getting in the way of Aria and Ezra’s fairytale wedding.

Hannah is still working with her clothing line but soon sees Jenna Marshall walking in one of her dresses. Meanwhile, Spencer is trying to find more about her mom Mary Drake and why her parents hid it for her.

But then the most important thing, they continue playing A.D’s board game. It’s Emily’s turn and she has to confront Addison about the accusations and get’s another puzzle piece. And it seems like all puzzle pieces together will show us a map. And I think the map is of Ravenswood.

The liars once went to Ravenswood to find Allison and learnt more about her disappearance, So I think something more happened in that town. Do you agree? Let me know what you think!


Lots of love



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