Doing my own nails!

6 years ago I got my first set of acrylic nails, my grandparents had their 50 year anniversary so it was the perfect occasion for fake nails. That was the beginning of my love for acrylic/gel nails. A year later I decided that I wanted to learn it myself so I bought a beginners kit. I didn’t really know what to do so the nails were obviously terrible. I kept practicing and I went to beauty school were I got to learn a few tips and tricks. It wasn’t much, but I got to learn the most important thing when doing acrylic/gel nails: Hygiene. But I learnt building and creating the nail a special shoutout to @naionails and @suzie !

The picture on the left is a picture where you can see one of my first ever set of acrylic nails. As you can see, not very good. Not terrible but definitely not great. I still used tips back then and I had no idea that I had to blend the tip first with the result that the smile line is way too close to the cuticle. The right picture is my latest set and it is much better. There are still mistakes but practice makes perfect ! it’s not a smile line but a ombre fade 🙂

I use products of NaioNails, Florence, magnetic and PNS. I’m still figuring out what brand suits me the best. I love NaioNail, but the shipping from the UK to The Netherlands is expensive and I don’t have enough clients that I can finance them. On the left picture I used the colors (mega white and cover peach) from Florence, the prep and gel topcoat from magnetic except of the nail dehydrator that one’s from NaioNail. All my color acrylic powders are also from NaioNails.


What do you think about fake nails? Tell me about your favorite designs, do you like/hate them and would you have them yourselves?


Lots of love



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