PLL:7×11 playtime review

I finally got to see the first episode of the final 10 of Pretty Little Liars. And gosh, now I’m even more curious about who A.D is and why she hates the girls so much. We had to wait like what, 7 months? since the last episode but in the first 10 seconds I was watching their every step and move again like a hawk. Nothing will get past me anymore! I know that’s a lie. Because we all know that even if you pay close attention, you’ll still miss a million clues.

Nicole, Ezra’s not so dead ex-girlfriend is not so dead anymore so will the wedding happen now that she’s back? Plus, Holden is back! Who? Yeah that was my question too. So Holden was a guy that Aria once went out with so she could forget Ezra, the last time we’d seen him was in season 3. So that was a little confusing, why would they bring someone back that we haven’t seen since season 3? Is that a clue?

Allison has to deal with her pregnancy and with that annoying hate against Paige. Why does she hate Paige that much anyway? It can’t be just because she dated Emily , she already hated Paige before that.

Spencer has to deal with the fact that her mother is in fact Mary Drake, making her Allison’s niece. And Hannah lives a happy life with Caleb and working on her fashion.

Nothing of our questions has been answered so far but that won’t last long.


Lots of Love Roxana




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