Sun kissed skin – Lets tan!

Spring is here so that means that we have to get ourselves ready for summer!! And honestly, even though I have been in the sunny Curacao for 5 months I crave for the summer, the sun and the heat love it! It’s also the time of the year were some of us, sadly not me, to get a beautiful tan by just saying the word ‘sun’ others have to work for it a little. Now you can lay in the sun for hours and hours with your winter skin without any results, or you can go to a tanning salon so your skin can get used to the UV – radiation.

I started going to a tanning studio when I turned 18. Not because I wanted to have a tan so badly (I was as white as snow), but because I had a sun allergy. That started when I was 12. I was in Spain for 2 weeks with my parents in the summer and all of a sudden my body was red and was itching like crazy. I tried so many things that didn’t work that I thought – hmm maybe my skin just needs to get used to it before I go lay in the sun for hours with a snow like skin.

When I turned 18 I went to a studio with my mom and explained what the problem was. I had to answer a few questions so they knew which tanning bed was the best for me. It was the lowest one and with time I got higher and higher , and I can say my allergy is completely gone and bonus : I am not white anymore! And let me tell you this: YOU DON’T NEED A TAN!, especially if you don’t want to or just can’t. I’ve heard so many comments in my life like ‘why are you so white?’ ‘you just went to Spain, how come your still white?’ it’s so annoying. If your white as snow just remember Snow white doesn’t have a tan either and found Prince charming 😉


Tanning doesn’t have to be damaging for your skin. Just make sure you use the right products to protect it. Use sun protection when you go into the sun, don’t tan between noon and 3 O’clock (not that we listen to this though) and most importantly: Listen to your skin. If you feel like the sun is getting to hot, don’t ignore it but go out of the sun. Because we can all agree that we rather come out with a caramel color than looking like a tomato and when we turn 40 we still would like to have a good skin right?

That also counts when you go to a tanning salon, always use protection for your skin! I use Power player by Devoted creations. This is what it says:

“Be your best, Look your best, use the best! Deep, dark powerful bronzing results, extra hydration along with look tone and firm ingredients make Power player your perfect tanning partner. Formulated without the use of glutens, oils, nuts and parabens this hypoallergenic formula is suitable for all skin types.”


This tanning lotion smells so delicious, sweet like your walking in a candyshop. The lotion can only be used as a tanning lotion under a tanning bed, it doesn’t protect your skin against the UV – radiation! When you go outside use a sunprotection, to prevent skin aging and skin cancer!

I absolutely love Devoted creatons because of the amazing scents and the great results! I bought this one at my tanning salon and costs €19,-  I recommend going to a taaning salon in your neighberhood to ask for advice on tanning and the right protection !


Sorry for the terrible selfie. Anyone with tips how to make good ones?                                  (And yes, guilty in wearing a Harry Potter sweater €5,- Primark ;))

Lots of love Roxana



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