TVshow of the week: Pretty Little Liars

It’s finally here! The final 10 episodes of Pretty little liars! Ofcourse it’s sad that these are the final episodes and that we won’t see our favorite liars in Rosewood anymore. But you have to admit, after a long 7 years we finally get to know how A is. Mona, Allison, Ezra and Toby were all A once but then a new season came and we were left with more confusion and again another A. 2017 will be the year there will be no more guessing, no more torture and no more lying (maybe 😉 ) 

This show started back in 2010 with a very young Sasha Pieterse as the dead girl Allison Dilaurentis. The girls have been through hell and back over the past few years and now we’re going to figure out who’s been tormenting them all this time. But let’s face it, all that texting and stalking is confusing and we have no idea anymore what the hell happened in the precious seasons. So here’s a little recap.


season 1

One year ago the queen B of the group has gone missing and the girls went their separate way no longer be BFF’s. A year later they get texts from a mysterious person who calls her-/himself A. A threatens the 4 girls with things only Allison could know about them. But could Allison be the one sending those texts especially after she is found dead in her old backyard?

Allison – the threats the girls get are all secrets only Allison could know
toby Cavanagh – His stepsister is Jenna Marshall who is blind caused by an accident the girls including Allison caused
Noel Kahn – he’s been seen writing a message from A on a car’s window but later A framed him for cheating on an exam.
Ian Thomas – Allison was seen last alive by Ian, Melissa Hastings boyfriend but later got killed by A.

season 2

In season 2 we start where we’ve left of. Ian is presumed to have been killed and is still suspected to be Allison’s murderer. The girls have to go see a therapist Dr. Sullivan but have a hard time to open up about A. They follow Melissa and discover Ian’s dead body with a suicide note saying he killed Allison, but later discover that A has written that note (Weird thing, Spencer saw that Ian was killed right? So why not say anything?). In the second half of the season they are more determined to find out who A and go to A’s lair and figure out that it’s not Melissa but Mona. Mona being the first official A. Later Maya who lives in Allison’s old house and is Emily’s girlfriend is found dead, leaving Emily devastated



season 3

The season starts 5 months after they discovered A is Mona and is now a patient at Radley. While they try to figure out who killed Maya and why, Spencer discovers her boyfriend Toby Cavanagh is a part of the A-team making Spencer go dark especially after Mona faked Toby’s death sending her to Radley. A’s black hoodie is replaced by a girl in a red coat now tormenting the girls. Mona visits Spencer in Radley and offers her to be a part of the A-team which she accepts. Mona arranges for Spencer to meet Toby and he tells her he just joined the A-team to keep Spencer save they set up a party to meet read coat. At the party the other girls are trapped in a lodge that is on fire, Hannah being unconscious gets dragged out by red coat who she sees as Allison.  Detective Wildon who’s working on Allisons case is found dead.

season 4

The girls believe red coat was Allison and they start searching for answers. Meanwhile Hanna has to deal with the fact her mother got arrested for Wilden’s murder being the last one who saw Wilden alive and Spencer is helping Toby to figure out how his mother died. They go to Ravenswood to search for more answer and a new A is revealed.

Red Coat – there are 2 red coats now one believed
 to be Allison the other is revealed to be Allison’s 
friend Cece Drake.
Ezra Fitz – Allison leads Spencer to an apartment 
where they figure out the apartment belongs to Ezra.
 Later he confesses that he’s just writing a book about 
Allison’s disappearance.
Jessica DiLaurentis – They suspect her after reading more 
of Ezra’s manuscript but in the finale we see that she is dead 
and buried by A.

season 5

Allison is alive but keeps lying about her whereabouts making her a suspect. Aria is working at Radley to discover more about a girl named Bethany young who committed suicide at Radley. Mona is killed and the girls think it’s Allison so they try to prove Allison is guilty. Spencer learns A’s name: Charles  and the girls are trapped in a dollhouse.

Allison Dilaurentis – Allison keeps lying to her friends and 
after Mona is killed they know for sure 
(because who hates Mona more than Allison?).

season 6:

Charles punishes the girl for trying to escape and starts torturing them. In the meantime Allison figures out she had another brother: Charles. The girls eventurally got rescued but are scarred for life. However they still receive text messages and the nightmare continues. They Learn more about Charles and that Charles is CeCe Drake aka Uber A. Allison’s parents sent him to Radley because they couldn’t handle that Charles wanted to be a girl.

Season 7

Cece has been found dead after she got out of Radley and a new A is born. Who killed Cece? What is Spencer’s aunt, in the first half finale revealed to be her mother, doing in Rosewood. Where’s Jenna? Who shot Spencer and most importantly who is A.D ?

The first episode of the final 10 airs tonight in the US and hopefully have all the answers we need in less than 3 months.

Who do you think is A? let me know in the comments!


Lots of Love Roxana







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