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My Hairproducts

March 2017 I finally graduated as a hairdresser, nail tech and beauty stylist allround. I now work at Claire’s and I never see myself work in a salon, but I still like beauty. So I would like to show you my hair routine.I wash my hair twice a week and no, my hair is not dirty because I don’t wash it every day. Let me explain. What I tell people who ask for advice on how to get healthier hair, is that they shouldn’t wash it so many times a week. Every time I ask them how many times they wash it, they usually say every other day or even every day. So guess the look on their faces when I tell them how many times I wash it. The reason they wash it so many times, is because they say their hair will get greasy fast. Well there is only 1 reason for it: they wash their hair to many times.

 There are a lot of sebaceous glands in your head, that get activated while you message it. Think about the time you’re brushing your hair or when you go through your hair with your fingers. But that also includes washing your hair. The more you do it, the more the sebaceous glands need to work to protect your hair. Because that’s all it is, that ‘greasy’ layer is just there for protection against wind or heat.

Ok, but lets face it, it’s not a very charming look so I give you a tip. If you wash your hair every day, try to wait a day to wash it again so the routine will be every other day. Keep that up for a week or 2 and you’ll see the sebaceous glands will get used to it. So when you feel like it’s going OK you get keep it waiting an extra day till you only have to do it twice a week. And if you think “iewlll no way” there is one very simple thing: DRY SHAMPOO.

My routine:

I have bleached my hair multiple times, so to keep the yellow color out I use Lóreal silver shampoo. It’s a very strong one and I really recommend it if you have a red undertone and you’re hair gets a yellow glow fast or if you want to keep it a grey color. Before that however, I wash it first with Garnier loving blends Argain oil & Camellia oil for damaged hair. afterwards I use the conditioner of the same line.

prices :
Garnier Loving blends €3,49 each – kruidvat
Lóreal silver shampoo 500ml €9,28 –


After that I use a hair mask also from Garnier loving blends, but this time one of another line, this one is with olive oil also for damaged hair. I leave this in for about 10 -15 min and sometimes the whole night. Tip: use a hot towel and lay it down over your hair, that way the mask can do it’s job better and more intensive.

Garnier loving blends hair mask €5,99 – kruidvat


After that I blow dry my hair and sometimes straiten it. The products I  use are Chi’s infra total protect defense lotion is for protecting you hair while you blow dry. It also makes it less fizzy and you use it on wet hair.

Before I straiten my hear I use the Chi infra treatment 350 ml. It contains silk so it smoothens your hair and repairs when you have dry and demaged hair.

Last but not least, I juse Kadus velvet oil to smoothen it even more and it will repair your hair after using the heat of a straitner or curling iron.

Chi infra infra total potect €13,69 -
Chi infra treatment € 14,51  -
Kadus velvet oil €10,85 - kappers

Lots of love Roxana





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