My Victoria Secret collection

Victoria Secret one of the most famous brands in lingerie, womenswear and beauty products. Once a year supermodels walk the runway at the annual Victoria Secret fashion show usually around Christmas time. I’ve been watching the fashion show for many years now and 3 years ago Victoria Secret body mists were introduced to the Dutch drugstores. Me being in love with sweet scents V.S was the perfect line for me.


The first body mist that I bought is a sweet scent but not too sweet if you know what I mean. It’s very light and is a combination between fresh and sweet with white cotton and pink lily.                                                                                                                                    Price: €11.99 Etos.


The second one was Coconut passion, and like you can guess the mist smells like coconut. I really like this scent but this is definitely taste. You can’t really say sweet or fresh you just have to like the scent of coconut to love this body mist. By the way the reason the bottles are different from my upper photo is because V.S changed it’s look but I still have the old ones.


Amber Romance is actually one of my favorites, I also have the body lotion and body butter of this line and it’s a very fruity scent. The ingredients are warm amber and crème anglaise.


Strawberries & champagne is a beautiful mix between the two scents. At first you smell the sweet scent of the strawberries and later the bitterness of the champagne gets through. I’ve been looking for this product and it seems like it’s out of the collection. I bought this in Curacao for I think 15 guilders, let me know if it’s still available somewhere.


Passion struck it’s one of the sweetest scents I have. Although it’s not overpowering and in my opinion it’s an summer scent for all women. It’s a scent with fuji apple and vanilla orchid.


Pure seduction is a very, very sweet scent. You can see it looking at the bottle, when it’s dark pink or red you can tell it’s the sweetest of all scents. It’s the opposite of blue/purple which means the scent is more oriental. I also have a blue/purple bottle but I hated it so I gave it to my mom, I tried to search for the name but it’s also not in the collection anymore . So this scent is very personal you either hate it or absolutely love it.

If you go to the Victoria Secret site you’ll find many more body mists!

Lots of love Roxana



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