Horror movies real or fake?

Clowns, ghosts, demons, murder. The 4 most seen things in horror movies. Some people truly adore these kind of movies, others rather jump in front of a train than seeing one. When I was younger about 7 or 8, my cousin ,age 12 I think, and her friends were watching a ghost movie at my place at night. It was summer so my parents and a bunch of other people were sitting outside. I was placing with one of my best friends at the time and we came downstairs and I caught a glimpse of the movie. Worst thing that could ever happened in my life I can tell you that. All I remember was that a girl was running from a ghost and the ghost grabbed her through a wall. After that, I got scarred in the dark, ghosts. Not so strange after you saw that clip at a very young age.

When I turned 15 my aunt said I would probably like the show Supernatural after she learned I was watching the Vampire diaries. But with that one clip still burned in my brain I was already terrified of the word supernatural. As I got older I became more curious about the supernatural and also in the TV show and when Christmas 2012 came I got the first 3 season of my parents and it became one of my favorite TV shows ever. And even though I’m still not a fan of the dark, ghosts etc. and still have to put every light on if I have to go use the bathroom at night (not at Midnight though, when the clock says 00:00 I won’t do anything different and wait till it’s 00:15), I know can watch horror movies and thanks to Supernatural most of them are more comedy to me.

The first movie I watched was probably SAW or the Final destination and later I found out that some horror movies are based on a true story. So I saw some of those and I can honestly say, really? You really believe anything like that ever happened? Let’s take a look on a few and let me know what you think.

The conujuring

A Story about couple Ed and Lorrain Warren who work as paranormal investigaters and help families who are haunted.

The movie is based on a story by the Perron family. They moved to Harrisville and quickly began experiencing paranormal activity as seen in the movies. The family still claims it’s all true but many doubt their story.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Emily Rose was a 19 year old girl who died self-inflicted wounds and malnutrition following an attempt of exorcism. The father and priest who performed the exorcism has been sent to court. The movie is told through flashbacks where you see Emily being possessed.

Anneliese Michel was a German happy catholic kid till she turned 16. She started to show signs of depression and avoided images of Jesus Christ . She started to see demonic figures and refused to drink or eat anything she was given. She started to drink her own urine and started eating spiders and bird till she died of malnutrition. A few years after she got buried a non said she had a vision that her body was still intact, but when they dug her back up to prove she was really possessed they saw that her body did went through the dissolution process.

The Amitiville horror

Ronald DeFeo, Jr. Murdered his entire family back in 1974 claiming he heard voiced in their house telling him to do it. One year later the Lutz family moved in to the house together with their kids and soon start to experience paranormal activity, Chelsea being the first befriending Ronald DeFeo’s youngest sister Jodie who’s spirit still lives in the house. The voices begin and the story of Ronald repeats itself.

The Real story is that yes, Ronald did kill his family because he said he heard voices. Later he admitted he killed them because they were abusive and he was drunk. People do claim the house is truly haunted and that one of the kids appeared in a few pictures.

So what do you think are they real or not?

Lots of love Roxana




2 thoughts on “Horror movies real or fake?

  1. I didn’t know that about the Emily Rose film, personally I think they probably believe it whether that makes it true is a different story

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