Disney magic kingdoms



Who doesn’t love Disney? I’m pretty sure everyone in this world has heard or/and seen Mickey Mouse and Frozen at least once. Yesterday I found this new game, Disney magic kingdoms and as a Disney/Pixar lover I had to try it out.

Disney magic kingdoms is an app for literally every age you can get for free in your play store. The story of the game is that you have to break a curse Maleficent has cast over Disney land. So now it’s up to you to rebuild Disneyland, break the curse and bring happiness and fun back to the park.



In this Disney game by Gameloft you get to bring all Disney/Pixar characters to you park and learn more about them. You have to do quests to play their story and earn magic and gems so you can buy more characters, buildings, decorations etc when you finished quests or granted wishes for your visitors your happiness meter goes up. First characters you’ll get are Mickey Mouse and Goofy and later in the game you can get the characters from Toy Story, Frozen, Tangled, Beauty and the beast and many more.



By getting more gems and magic you’re able to level up your characters. Once you do they’ll get more quests so you can earn items to unlock other characters. It’s really a fun game but you have to be patient. Some quests only take 60 seconds but others can take 8 hours to complete. But trust me, even though it’s kind of annoying that you have to wait so long it’s still very exciting when you can welcome another character to your park. I’ve been playing for 1.5 days right now and I’m up to level 8 so that goes pretty fast. My happiness meter is up to joyous, right now, the highest one is ecstatic, so that means I get a few extra magic or item each time an attraction or quest is completed.


Yes and no’s in this game

Yes:                                                                                      No:

  • Your XP goes up really fast                                                  • Long waiting times
  • It’s really fun to build your own Disneyland,                  • To make progress fast,
  • and welcome all the characters.                                           you have pay with either
  • You get to make the characters do quests                           lots of gems,potions or real
  • and play their story.                                                                 money.
  • The attractions you get to build are the same
  • as in the real parks.
  • Can play for free.

Let me know the progress in your game if you play and I’ll show you mine in a few weeks!

Lots of love Roxana


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