Charity: World Nature (wildlife) Fund

Charity: the voluntary giving for those in need. Worldwide there are millions of different charities all over the world. For kids who desperately need water and food, to people who have lost their homes in an earthquake to animals that are getting killed for their skin. It doesn’t matter which charity you’re donating, they all have one thing in common: to help those who can’t help themselves.

In January this year I chose a charity that got my attention for so long, and as a new year’s resolution I decided to help the living creatures that desperately need a voice. I chose the World Nature Fund/ World Wildlife Fund to help all animals in the world. They need a voice to speak for them, to ask for help. They need just as much help as people do but yet to many they seem not so important, you can see that in the most important reason animals need help: their biggest threat Humans.



For over 50 years the WNF/WWF has been protecting nature. They’ve been supported by over 5 million people worldwide to make the world a better place for everything living. They’re protecting threatened species that are on the “Red list” of the IUCN: the International Union for Conservation of Nature like tigers, elephants, sharks and many more. When you donate ( I can’t find if this is only when you donate in Holland or if it’s also the case in other countries, let me know!) you get a ‘panda’ magazine every 3 months with all their new achievements and when you donate for the first time you also get a shopping bag, nature friendly ofcourse. So as an animal lover I would ask you to please donate and let’s save the planet!

for more information about the charity visit their wedsites and social media.

The Netherlands:                                   international
website: WNF                                         website: WWf
Twitter: WNF                                          twitter: WWF
Facebook: WNF                                      Facebook: WWF
instagram: WNF                                     instagram: WWF

Lots of love Roxana





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