The Walking Dead: talk season 7

Season 7 of the walking dead, the season of our new villain: Negan. The season premiered on October 23, 2016 and had a total of 16 episodes, the final episode aired on April 2, 2017. The show follows Rick grimes and his group who has to survive a new world with a dangerous virus that will turn people who’d died into zombies. Season 7 has just ended and let’s talk about this season and it’s new, likeable? Villain.  (contains some spoilers.)

Season 6 introduces us to a new villain in the world of zombies: Negan. A man with a bat. Not really scary right when you live in a world where dead people are coming back to life? Well, what if that man with a bat, who he named Lucille btw, starts smashing people till there’s nothing left of them? Gets a little scarier right? Ok, so the man has a baseball bat that caries the name Lucille, now he also has an army; the saviors. And those people who call themselves saviors don’t carry their own names anymore. When you ask them who they are they’ll all respond the same; I’m Negan. Now let’s watch the video below so I can show you who I’m talking about if you don’t already know.


The first half of season 7 was strong. We got to see who died and how Negan had Rick and the rest of Alexandria wrapped around his finger. Finally, Rick is begging for his life. Ever since season 1 I had a hard time dealing with the sheriff. Ok a little flashback. Rick’s in the hospital and has no idea the world has turned into a zombie land because he was in a coma and left for dead by his best friend Shane. He wakes up, gets out, finds his family and thinks he is the greatest leader. WTF dude, who do you think you are? It doesn’t get any better, as a matter of fact it gets worse. Now he’s done with talking with people and just shoots or punches them even if the person just wants to help. And finally in season 7 my prayers have been heard, now he has to bow and beg for his life.

And he does the first half of the season, he does everything Negan asks him to do without hesitations because now he knows that he isn’t the god damn president. But then, the second half began. And what once began as a good 7th season it went downhill pretty fast, at least that’s what I think. Rick goes looking for allies to fight Negan and his saviors. Oceanside, the Kingdom, the Sanctuary and the Scavengers. Everyone slowly started to agree that fighting Negan would be their best chance to survive and the battle began in the 1 hour finale. Or not! They’re ready to fight, Negan is there and boom! Rick gets screwed over and it seems like the fight, we’ve waited to happen for the past few weeks, won’t happen. Luckily, they get a chance to shoot at their enemies by a lovely dead surprise, but that’s it. That’s it for season 7. Negan escapes and declares war.

So I think that this season was not the shows best and I truly hope season 8 will be a lot more exciting to watch. What do you think of this season and what do you expect for season 8?


Lots of love Roxana





2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: talk season 7

  1. I really liked season 7 but it was really slow story telling and a lots of negan and rick! I liked the first seasons the best because the whole cast was together, you don’t see that much anymore! Everyone is split up!! I want them al back together in season 8!!

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