Tattoo or tatau, means “to write”. In the 21st century we refer to a tattoo as “body ink” or “body art”. Millions of people all around the world have tattoos nowadays and what your grandparents might see as something that ruins your body, for the younger generations it’s a piece of permanent art on your body. One says a tattoo has to have a meaning, someone else might say “I just really like this drawing”. Let me show you my tattoos and the reasons why I got them

On this day April 2nd 2017 (02/04/2017) I have a total of 3 tattoos. I got my first tattoo when I was 17 and the third one I got only 5 months ago at age 21. Before I got my first tattoo, I said that I never wanted to get one. Permanent ink on my body, what if I don’t like it anymore when I get older? I was scared to get something on my body that was going to be there forever, unless I let it removed ofcourse but that just really hurts and was never going to be an option. But when I turned 17 I started to think about it more. So what if I get older and my body won’t be the same as it is now. So what, many people will have tattoos when I turn 60, because having tattoos is a part of my generation. So after I convinced that my body will change when I get older and that it at some point my tattoos won’t look as good as they do now, I got my first tattoo.


As you can see it’s an infinity sign with “family” written in it just above my hip. I wanted a tattoo with a meaning that will never change. There’s only one thing that will stay forever, and that’s family. It’s quite funny how fast I got this tattoo. I started thinking about getting one on Saturday, on Sunday I asked my parents (I still needed permission back then) and on Monday we got the appointed for Wednesday. (Artist: Danny Lodewijks.)


My second tattoo I got to honor my grandfather who sadly past away in 2015 losing his battle against cancer. I got this tattoo in 2016 and it’s a cross, a rose and my grandfather’s necklace. So basically the cross stands for the grave, on a grave you put flowers so that’s the rose, and the necklace represents the person buried – my granddad. (Artist: Frogs tattoo)


My third tattoo is a small anchor. I got this tattoo in Curacao where I live for 5 months last year. The meaning of an anchor is “hope”. You always need to have hope. It’s that simple. Hope to me is having hope after something didn’t go as planned in life. (Artist: Amber silvana, Byron’s tattoo Curacao.)

Social media of my tattoo artists:

Danny Lodewijks, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
instagram: @Dannystattooplace
wedsite: Dannystattooplace

Frogstatz, Currently in Aruba.
instagram: frogstatz
Facebook: inkfamestudio

Amber Silvana, Byrons Tattoo, Mambo beach, Curacao
instagram: Ambersilvana

Lots of love Roxana



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