Show of the week: Riverdale



“You and me got the world to see. So, come on down
It’s you and me, and me and you. We got the whole place to ourselves” 

Remember those words? No? Well let me give you a hint. Zack and Cody living in the Tipton hotel. Yeah, now you remember. After that show’s been cancelled on Disney Channel the brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse both went to University, And in May 2016 it was announced a new TV show would be aired in 2017. And guess what? Our favorite Tipton nerd would be playing in this new TV show. Riverdale.

Riverdale, a teen drama story based on the characters by Archie Comics. The story follows 5 teenagers Betty cooper, Archie Andrews, Victoria Lodge, Jughead and Cheryl Blossom. The teens begin their new schoolyear like they always do, except nothing is the same anymore. During the summer Cheryl Blossoms brother Jason was murdered. Every one of the town Riverdale is either grieving or celebrating his death. But they’re all curious about one thing.. who killed Jason Blossom?

This new TV show is full of mystery and your needed dose of teen drama. You can watch Riverdale every Thursday on CW or on Netflix the day after. If you like a good mystery, this is the show for you!

lots of love Roxana



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