The Maze runner review book+movie

Hi guys! Today I want to review the maze runner book AND movie! This Young-adult/ post-apocalyptic books written by James Dashner is one of the first series that I read after watching the first movie. I usually don’t like to read a book after I saw the film version, like I did with twilight; saw the first movie, read the second book etc.

The maze runner starts with a boy named Thomas surrounded by darkness in a underground elevator. He has no idea what’s going on or where he is, the only thing he knows is his name.. Thomas. Thomas arrives in the Glade, a place surrounded by big grey walls with one opening at sunset and closing before it gets dark so the Grievers – giant robotic spiders – can’t get out. A few days after Thomas arrived in the Glade, a new person arrives but not a boy like it has been the past 2 years.

The girl has a note in her hand telling the Gladers she is the last one ever. The girl wakes up and doesn’t seem to remember anything or anyone except Thomas and her name.. Theresa. Later on we find out that Thomas and Theresa have a special connection with each other and can talk to each other telepathically. With their special ability and with the help of the other Gladers they have to solve a puzzle written inside the Maze to escape the Glade.

The movie directed by Wes Ball also starts with Thomas in a underground elevator not knowing his name or his anything of his past. When he arrives at the Glade a group of guys are staring at him waiting for him to say something, some of them already doing this for 2 years.

A few minutes later he remembers his name and the next day he has to work like any other Glader. After some time he proves himself to be a runner and tries to find a way out together with Minho and some other Gladers. When Theresa arrives they know they have to hurry up, she is the last one ever to come to the Glade.

Okay, quick summaries of both the book and movie, I hope I didn’t spoil too much and if I did I’m terribly sorry! Now let’s talk about some differences and why I think they did it. WARNING! SPOILERS, SCROLL DOWN TILL REVIEW!

Book: Thomas remembers his name almost immediately when arriving in the Glade
Movie: Thomas doesn’t remember his name till later that night.

I think the reason they made this decision is because the book is more detailed so they can easily explain what’s happening inside their heads and make it clear to the readers that they have suffer from memory loss. However it’s a harder to make that clear in a movie. As a viewer of the movie you can’t see what’s going on inside their heads. So that’s why I think Thomas didn’t remember his name immediately.

Book:  Thomas and Theresa can communicate telepathically
Movie: In the movie well, they just talk like normal people

The reason they did this is probably because it will just look weird for an audience to just watch 2 people staring at each other with a voice over telling us what they’re ‘saying’ to each other.

Book: Thomas solves a puzzle that will lead them out of the maze
Movie: Thomas and Minho find the Grievers nest and figure out that that’s the way for them to go out

They have to put as much detail in a movie as they can, Thomas and Minho running together, details of the maze itself. And if they did put the puzzle solving in the movie, most of the movie will be about the puzzle than the actual running and feeling the need to hurry up because they want to get out. Think about it if you make a puzzle, how long does that take you? They can’t put that in a movie, more details will disappear because the puzzle takes so much time.

Book: Theresa goes into a coma for several weeks and figures out how to solve the Maze.
Movie: Theresa goes into a coma for a few days but remembers nothing

They can’t put Theresa in a coma for weeks because she is a mayor character in both movie and book and this way she wouldn’t be in the movie as much and we would know nothing about her.

Ofcourse there are more differences but they are so minimal, they don’t need explanation.



 I think they did great on both movie and book. Yes it’s not 100% the same but in my opinion the changes they made, were done right. I wasn’t confused watching the movie, I understood perfectly what the movie was about and it got me curious for the second one.

As for the book, I read this one like a year after I saw the movie for the first time and I still liked it. I got to learn more about The glade and the Gladers and what the connections between the Gladers are.

If you have seen the movie, or have seen it but haven’t read the book I hope I made you curious enough to check it out. It’s really great and both Wes Ball and James Dashner did an awesome job.


lots of love Roxana


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