Welcome to my blog

Dear Diary…. Today will be different.

Those 6 words were the first words Elena Gilbert had said in one of my favorite TV show the Vampire diaries and will be the first 6 words written on this blog.

Some people have a book where they’ll write their story’s in, some write their deepest thoughts on a piece of paper and create a song, some film their days and publish their story on Youtube and others, like me, create a blog.

Hi! My name is Roxana and welcome to my blog!

On this blog I will write about my life, the struggles I face and all the happy things. I’ll also write about my book(s) on Wattpad the first one is online! And I’ll write about my favorite TV shows, Movies and books.

I’ll will post recaps of previous episodes, new TV shows and movies I watch and what I think about them. And I’ll give you my honest reviews about books published ones and the ones I read on Wattpad.


I’ll hope you enjoy and please share your opinion in the comment section!

Lots of love Roxana





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